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Hall Acceleration Strategies New Company: Acceleration Studios

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I am very pleased to mention that Hall Acceleration Strategies has officially released Acceleration Studios as a sister company to Simulation Studios. WooHoo!

Acceleration Studios will still utilize state-of-the-art business simulations, but with more focus on custom development along with workshops that enable companies to accelerate their ability to execute a corporate strategy. In most cases, we'll still parter closely with corporate training and development, but this will be focused more on business execution than, say, leadership development.

Welcome to Acceleration Studios

Acceleration studios will speed up a company's ability to bring new strategies to market. This is achieved by giving employees a Day In The Life Of Your CEO®. This might be easier to explain in an eBook. Thus, I've created an eBook that is free to download without any need for email addresses.

You can access the eBook here
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Let me know what you think!

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